Our Mission is developing innovative products for your family’s comfort. We want to bring you remarkable stuff that’s easy on your wallet.

We search all over the world to find sublime and fabulous materials to turn into useful products, making sure the price is right, too. Which products do we finally choose? Only those that score high on luxury and low on cost. If the item would be at home in a posh hotel, like luxurious linens and plush towels, then we know we have a winner.

So choice clearly matters. Each decision begets another – which is how two of our key founders got here in the first place! New Domaine started when Dan, our Creative Director, and Darren, our senior VP — two brothers working on different sides of the country — decided to return home to SouthCoast Massachusetts and team their talents. Soon afterwards, New Domaine was launched, an innovative company that offers terrific products at terrific prices. So who said you can’t go home again?

Of course, not all choices are life-changing. Some choices are just about pleasing yourself. And if our products do that, then Dan and Darren made the right choice after all!