Sparkle Steam Mop

Remove visible dirt and grease from any surface in minutes, without the need for toxic chemicals or detergents. Simply fill with water and allow the power of steam to clean virtually any surface including: tile, linoleum, ceramic, stone floors, hard wood, glass windows…even carpet!

Sparkle’s 10-in-1 Steam Cleaning Mop easily converts to a handheld steam cleaner to tackle even more cleaning jobs around the house, workshop, garage, car or boat. Use it as a steam mop, grout cleaner, window squeegee, garment steamer, handheld steamer and more.

Download the Sparkle Steam Mop instruction manual here.

  • Sparkle Steam Mop: $199.99

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Sparkle Steam Mop Replacement Pads


These microfiber replacement pads for the Sparkle Steam Mop are easily removable and machine washable.

  • Sparkle Steam Mop Replacement Pads
    (pack of two): $19.99

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Sparkle Steam Mop Lemon Deodorizer


Add 1-2 ounces of our Lemon Deodorizer to the water in your Sparkle Steam Mop for a thorough clean with a fresh lemon scent!

  • Sparkle Steam Lemon Deodorizer
    16 fluid ounce bottle: $19.99

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